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Friday, 6 January 2012

Welcome To Madness

Well Hello to everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and that the weather is not as bad as it is here in Bonnie Colne on the hill. I can honestly say that the Christmas/New Year period is made even greater when you have the ability to record TV! I have a million and one movies I haven't yet seen just sat waiting for me on my Sky box. This = AWESOME!!

Well I am here to try and get some of my written work in to the public eye. I am not promising greatness to the level of some of my greatest inspirations by any means BUT at least something that will make you smile, laugh, cry maybe even scared a little? haha.

I started writing when I was in high school out of my deep love for literature. I think it runs in the family to be honest as my dad is an avid poem composer (as he likes to call it). Any event, wedding, anniversary, leaving party, anything he has a poem from scratch written just for the occasion! Sometime it can be a little cringe worthy sure but most of the time he makes me proud! =]

I have never been greatly academically minded I am much more creative and I hope each and everyone of you gets a glimpse in to the wonderful yet sometimes scary world in which I live!

Love to you all!!

Rhiannon * Amy

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