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Friday, 6 January 2012

A Short Snippet

This is just a small introduction I wrote a few weeks ago as it came to me all in a flurry. As of yet I haven't decided how to carry it on BUT if any of you have any suggestions or views on it please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

The trees clawed upwards to the sky, groping at the wonderful pink and orange light streaming through the gaps. The smell of Lavender still strong, floating in my head. My body was grateful for the cool hard rock supporting me and the soft texture of the grass cushioning me. Wait. Trees? Sky? Rocks? Grass?
I sprung to my feet only to be pulled back, landing abruptly in the position I had sprung from. The Lavender rushed around my head once more shaking my brain and rattling my eyes in their cages. I tried again, more cautious this time. Steadying myself on the rock and grasping at a few low branches I finally hoisted myself to my normal height. I began taking small, extremely shaky steps to get used to this strange way of moving.
I turned on my shaking legs and wobbling feet, twisting to try and see who had beckoned my name. How did anyone know my name when I didn’t even know where I was? Everywhere I looked my eyes showed me figures and faces. In branches clawing out for me and even peering out of the large bushes. One figure seemed much more defined, hunched next to a wide over hanging tree, smooth against the crocked landscape.
My heart rushed in my chest with every beat rising and falling like a ship caught in a storm. It wouldn’t settle no matter how hard I tried to steady myself. Waves of Lavander crashed down in my skull. I parted my cracked dry lips to shout, to ask who was there. My throat couldn’t even release a squeak. The silence encapsulated me, wrapping me in dread and fear! The surroundings I had looked upon in awe suddenly became eerie and sinister. Then it came, crawling into my head, with no choice to stop it. I felt alone and Surrounded!

Copyright – Rhiannon*Amy

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