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Friday, 6 January 2012

Fun day with my Dogs!

I had an amazing walk with my dogs today! I don't know about the weather where all you guys are but it is major rain and super strong winds here! So I had the bright idea to take 5 dogs out in it! (don't ask i think i like punishment)! Anyway I get to the field where we walk them normally and it has its own lake!! (its a big pic but there is more writing underneath haha)

Now our newest addition Buster - american bulldog x - has some brains (even tho he looks slow) and decides to avoid the water. His face said it all when we threw his Frisbee in "its cold and i dunno how deep it is...get lost!" So i had to send my oldest boy in Lennox - boxer - and he just kept pawing at the Frisbee! Not pick it up haha! He eventually got the idea and grabbed it for us and was all pleased with himself with his tail all held up high!

I don't know what you know about the Chihuahua as a breed they have a pretty bad rep. well i got two! i was worried the wind would whisk them away it was that strong. Now my Chi - Tipsy, the biggest - thinks she is a rottweiler and likes to run up to other dogs barking and acting like the boss, the smaller Chi - sweetie - follows along. All i saw was my Chihuahua's go running down the hill and across the flat towards another dog on the field. I always defended their intelligence but i must admit this even made me keel over in hysterics! They ran full pelt, across the field and all we saw were two giant splashes of water!!

The stupid dogs hadnt looked where they were going and had gone head first in to the make shift lake, but not just in a shallow bit. The deepest bit possible. Tails over snout in to the water! I have never seen them run back to me quite so quick hahahaha and trust me they looked like drowned sewer rats even I would of had a scream if I hadnt seen them beforehand! I don't know how they didn't see it they only stand about 20cm off the ground!!! hahaha

Have any of your pets had funny moments you wished you had captured on camera??

A Short Snippet

This is just a small introduction I wrote a few weeks ago as it came to me all in a flurry. As of yet I haven't decided how to carry it on BUT if any of you have any suggestions or views on it please don't hesitate to drop me a comment.

The trees clawed upwards to the sky, groping at the wonderful pink and orange light streaming through the gaps. The smell of Lavender still strong, floating in my head. My body was grateful for the cool hard rock supporting me and the soft texture of the grass cushioning me. Wait. Trees? Sky? Rocks? Grass?
I sprung to my feet only to be pulled back, landing abruptly in the position I had sprung from. The Lavender rushed around my head once more shaking my brain and rattling my eyes in their cages. I tried again, more cautious this time. Steadying myself on the rock and grasping at a few low branches I finally hoisted myself to my normal height. I began taking small, extremely shaky steps to get used to this strange way of moving.
I turned on my shaking legs and wobbling feet, twisting to try and see who had beckoned my name. How did anyone know my name when I didn’t even know where I was? Everywhere I looked my eyes showed me figures and faces. In branches clawing out for me and even peering out of the large bushes. One figure seemed much more defined, hunched next to a wide over hanging tree, smooth against the crocked landscape.
My heart rushed in my chest with every beat rising and falling like a ship caught in a storm. It wouldn’t settle no matter how hard I tried to steady myself. Waves of Lavander crashed down in my skull. I parted my cracked dry lips to shout, to ask who was there. My throat couldn’t even release a squeak. The silence encapsulated me, wrapping me in dread and fear! The surroundings I had looked upon in awe suddenly became eerie and sinister. Then it came, crawling into my head, with no choice to stop it. I felt alone and Surrounded!

Copyright – Rhiannon*Amy

Welcome To Madness

Well Hello to everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and that the weather is not as bad as it is here in Bonnie Colne on the hill. I can honestly say that the Christmas/New Year period is made even greater when you have the ability to record TV! I have a million and one movies I haven't yet seen just sat waiting for me on my Sky box. This = AWESOME!!

Well I am here to try and get some of my written work in to the public eye. I am not promising greatness to the level of some of my greatest inspirations by any means BUT at least something that will make you smile, laugh, cry maybe even scared a little? haha.

I started writing when I was in high school out of my deep love for literature. I think it runs in the family to be honest as my dad is an avid poem composer (as he likes to call it). Any event, wedding, anniversary, leaving party, anything he has a poem from scratch written just for the occasion! Sometime it can be a little cringe worthy sure but most of the time he makes me proud! =]

I have never been greatly academically minded I am much more creative and I hope each and everyone of you gets a glimpse in to the wonderful yet sometimes scary world in which I live!

Love to you all!!

Rhiannon * Amy